Fabien Marques

Fabien Marques was born in 28.04.1982 , Pau (FR). Lives and works in Udine (IT)
The photographic image is central to his practice. His works often stem from historical and scientific investi- gations and usually explore territories marked by invisible stories. From intensive research, he reconstructs a con- stellation of iconographic and textual elements that illumi- nates and re-contextualizes historical or particular events. Through spatial dispositions, the French artist puts the pho- tographic image under pressure to question the medium’s ability to represent the world. Exploring places that do not attract attention, it operates between the undefined boundaries of the document and art, representing most often an area without human figures. This absence suggests the presence, creating a meeting point between the expressive, technical, and social force of an image.

select group and solo exhibitions
2020 Le distinzioni, SMDOT/contemporary art, Udine, curated by Stefano Monti [IT] (upcoming) , 2019 Talkie Walkie – Walkie Talkie [PL], Fructôse, Dunkirk [FR] , Archifoto, a restrospective, La Chambe, Strasbourg [FR], 2018 Microscripts: intervention in space, Castle Museum, Pszczyna, curator: Ars Cameralis [PL] , Billets d’échange, Banque de France of Dunkirk, artworks in public space, curator: Anne Rivolet [FR],  Salon de Montrouge, curated by Ami Barak & Marie Gautier, 63rd edition [FR],  2017 Format à l’italienne Roma, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome [IT] , Format à l’italienne, Espace Le Carré, Lille [FR], 2016 Ligne de fret, Arab World Institute, Tourcoing [FR], Today’s homes, Maison Vide, Crugny [FR], 2015 Watch This Space, Young artists biennale, Chateau Coquelle, Dunkirk [FR] /sUne fois chaque chose, Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage, Le Touquet [FR], Le Travail en corps, encore, Le Tandem, Arras [FR], 2014 Der Mannergarten, Galleri CC, Malmö [SE] /s, 2013 Archifoto 2012, HEAR Haute Ecole d’Art du Rhin, Mulhouse [FR], Un point se trouvant à la même distance de tous les points, HED, Tourcoing [FR]

2018 Supporting project bursary, French Ministry of Culture (DRAC) [FR], 2015 Bursary for visual artists, Nord-Pas de Calais Region [FR], 2013 Bursary for visual artists, French Ministry of Culture (DRAC) [FR], 2012 International Award for the Architectural Photography , Prix Spécial du Jury, La Chambre, Strasbourg [FR]

publications, residencies
2019 Studio program, Cripta747, Turin [IT], 2018 Residency, The Museum of Loss and Renewal – artconnexion, Collemacchia [IT-FR], 2017 Prix Wicar, Lille City residency in Rome [IT], 2015 Publication, Photoworks Annual [UK], 2014 Résidency at Greylight

collectionsInstytucja Kultury Ars Cameralis – Silesia Region [PL]
European House for Architecture – Rhin Supérieur, Strasbourg [FR] Ciy of Lille [FR]