Alessandro Capozzo

1970 born in Milan, lives and works in Milan (IT). 

Alessandro Capozzo is a digital artist and interaction designer. Brought to new media after musicological studies and musical experimentation, his artistic research focuses on the poetics of software: from pure code to its hybridization through the creation of digital installations and artifacts. Tracing this path is the Abstract-Codex project ( which aims to investigate the possibilities offered by programming as an expressive medium. His work has been presented in Italy and abroad in numerous festivals, exhibitions and galleries including: #LAYERS, Imal, Brussels, 2018, Paci Arte, Brescia 2010; STRP Festival, Eindhoven 2009; Cartes Flux, Helsinki 2008; Siggraph Art Gallery, Boston 2006; Mixed Media, Milan 2006; Allegretti Contemporanea, Turin 2006; International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw 2005; Entermultimediale, Prague 2005; FILE, São Paulo 2004. He is a member of the Limiteazero multimedia design studio.